More on Windows 10

Windows 10 has now been with us for a while, and has finally become more stable.

We have now seen more successful upgrades than not, but still strongly advise making a full backup of anything important (documents, photographs, videos – anything you can’t afford to lose, basically) on removable media before you start.

Also, please check with the maker of your PC or laptop that it is compatible with Windows 10. Microsoft are offering the upgrade free of charge to all licensed users of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1, but not all computers are designed to run the new software. Check the website of whoever made your computer before you commit to the update.

Any PC built and supplied by us will upgrade to Windows 10 with no issue.

The upgrade itself takes around an hour from start to finish. This will vary depending on your broadband connection speed. Your computer will restart several times, and will not be usable during the upgrade.

The upgrade is free of charge until 29th July 2016, and lasts for the lifetime of the device (PC or laptop) it is installed on. The licence cannot be transferred to another device.

We would now recommend upgrading to Windows 10, but ensure that you have a backup first, and that your system will run correctly afterwards.

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