About Us

We’ve been in business since 1999, and have been repairing and modifying computers since 1982, and know exactly what we are doing.

We aren’t your neighbours son who “knows all about that” or a recent start up with no in depth knowledge who will make things worse – there isn’t a lot we haven’t seen, and we are very good at what we do.

We don’t use big words, and won’t blind you with IT jargon.

We just get the job done, and don’t charge the Earth either. Many of our services have a fixed fee – please ask for details.

We will call to your home if needed, we will always give you an honest opinion, or free advice if you need it.

Unlike many computer repair companies, if we don’t fix it, it doesn’t cost you a penny, and we don’t have a call out charge. Our no fix, no fee policy does not apply to data recovery or problems with email store folders where success is not certain.

We try to have your computer back to you as fast as possible, and will let you know how long a repair is going to take as soon as we know ourselves.

We also try not to lose your valuable data, although we don’t guarantee this. Your data is your responsibility to keep safe.