Terms & Conditions

A few things to note (the small print / terms and conditions of using PECS):

If your computer won’t start / makes a funny noise / has a virus, it’s going to end up in our workshop.

It is usually possible to pick up from your home, but it will get looked at a lot faster if you bring it to us.

We work very hard, and you actually aren’t our only client, so please don’t be upset if we ask you to bring it to us, or can’t collect it for a day or two. We give priority to clients who have service contracts with us.

If it’s a broadband problem, or your wireless network won’t work, or the printer won’t print, we are happy to come and have a look, at a time to suit you.

We aim to repair computers left into us within 48 hours, but if we have to wait for parts, or it turns into a really big job, we may not be able to do this. We will keep you informed, though, and not do anything without authority from you.

We can’t and won’t guarantee the safety of your data, although we will do everything we can to retain it and put it back where it came from.

When we tell you that the workshop is busy, and it will be “xx” days before we get a look at your computer, what we really mean is that the workshop is busy, and it will be “xx” days before we get a look at your computer.

Please don’t ask us to install pirated software (MS Office, Photoshop etc) for you, because we aren’t going to, because its illegal.

We have had a fair few people leave PCs and laptops with us for repair, then never come back for them. As we aren’t a storage facility, from 1 January 2014 the following will apply.

  • If we tell you that your computer is repaired and ready to go, we will give you 30 days to come and get it or arrange for us to reinstall it for you.  If after that time we haven’t heard from you, we will assume that you don’t want it back. Your equipment will then be regarded as “abandoned”, and we will dispose of it.
  • If your computer cannot be repaired, and you tell us that you will collect it, you also have 30 days to do so, otherwise we will also assume that you don’t want it, and after 30 days is up your equipment will be regarded as “abandoned” and disposed of.
  • Any data we hold for you will be completly erased. We do this by purging it from our data recovery system (if it is held there) and destroying your hard drive with an angle grinder.
  • We regard 30 days as a reasonable period for collection.

By using our services or leaving equipment with us, you agree to the terms shown above regarding collection. A notice telling you this is also displayed at our front counter.

We guarantee our labour for 60 days from the invoice date. If you have a problem with anything we have done inside that time, return your computer to us or tell us there is a problem and we will put it right.

Any problems which occur outside the 60 day period will incur additional labour charges (it is your resposibility to ensure that anything we have repaired, as shown on our invoice, is satisfactory, and anything returned after 60 days will be treated as a new repair).

We also guarantee any second hand or refurbished parts used in repairs for 30 days. (On older systems new parts are often not available.) You will be told before any repair takes place that refurbished parts are to be used.

All new parts are covered by the manufacturers warranty.