ISP woes (part 2)

Talk Talk again this time. We were back this morning for another attempt to recover a non working email password for a client. She has been with Talk Talk since 2006, and had the same password since then.

After an hour of getting nowhere with online “support”, they went to check their records and disconnected the chat window.

I started a new chat, very carefully explained the situation and the steps taken to resolve it – their password reset cleverly involved sending a link to the email address we couldn’t access – and after asking directly several times was eventually told that Talk Talk support can’t access or change passwords. It was then mentioned by them that the fault lay in the computer, where nothing had changed.

When I then mentioned that we also couldn’t access the same account via webmail using three seperate computers, in two locations, with five different browsers, it was suggested that as the fault couldn’t be at their end we should go to Microsoft for help. I ended that chat before I lost my temper. The process took one hour, fifteen minutes.

Transcripts of all conversations have been kept, and I’m thinking very hard about contacting Ofcom (not that it will likely make a lot of difference).

One to consider, especially as Talk Talk seem to be pushing for new clients.

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