2022 (so far)

Now that we’re up and running over here again (with big thanks to Spike at Westburn Graphics) its time for an update.

We’re still here, still open for business, and thankfully as busy as ever. Most importantly the cats are both well.

Lots of PCs and laptops are now reaching their end of life (some are well past it due to Covid) so we are busy recommending and supplying new kit as well as transferring data from the old to the new.

Windows 11 is causing all sorts of problems. We recommend not upgrading to it if you are given the opportunity to do so via Windows Update.
New equipment with it pre-installed is often “bothersome” to be very polite about it.

We’re also having great success with a couple of Linux variants.

This is a free to use operating system that comes with all the software you could need already installed, with no ongoing subs. or licensing issues, and 99% of documents created with it will open in MS Office and vice-versa.

Using it we can make very old kit (Windows XP & Vista era machines) into secure, fast, web capable computers. This has to be better than scrapping them.

If you have a broken or misbehaving laptop or PC please get in touch. Advice and repair estimates are always free.

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