(Yet another) scam update

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen a slight change in the long running “your broadband / PC / laptop has a fault” series of scams.

Instead of the usual call centre, there is now a recorded message advising of the fault, with option to press 1 to be connected to an operator.

This works to the thieves advantage, as they are now no longer manually ringing telephone numbers where the call recipient hangs up or there is no-one in, instead if the victim does choose to speak to them the job is already half done and there’s a better chance of success.

So far we’ve had a call from BT (we don’t use BT!) to say that our broadband connection is faulty, and more recently one from Amazon stating that there was an issue with our account.

The Amazon one was more worrying as it stated that we had been signed up for Amazon Prime and that a £90.00 charge was about to be imposed. All lies, of course, but designed to make you press 1.

Please spread news of this far and wide .

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