The sad demise of Internet Explorer

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer in 1995, and officially replaced it in 2015, with version 11 being the final one.

However, it is still available in Windows 10 if you look hard, although the Edge browser (introduced in Windows 10) would be Microsoft’s preferred alternative.

Many people still use Internet Explorer, but we’ve recently noticed that some basic functions in websites have become difficult or stopped working altogether while using it. We’ve seen difficulty in printing emails, accessing BT webmail, and have heard of issues logging into online forums and Facebook.

We think that if you are still using Internet Explorer that the time has come to change to a more modern browser that won’t give you problems and is less of a security risk. We recommend (and use) Google Chrome, however there are many alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and of course Microsoft Edge.

It can be troublesome (although not impossible) to transfer favourites, saved password etc. from one browser to another, so if you feel that you need to change browser but aren’t too sure how to do it please come and see us 🙂

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