New (to us) Trojan and the importance of backing up

After our last post about the significant data loss by one of our clients, we’ve had another fairly serious issue to deal with today.

A client phoned last night to say that all of their email in MS Outlook had “disappeared”. When we looked at the PC in question we found that it was infected with a ransomware Trojan, which has slowly but surely been encrypting their files for the last eight weeks or so, and has finally reached the email store folder. Its first job was to disable the anti-virus software installed on the computer.

There is a backup solution in place at this firm, however on this PC we were told “it stopped working a while ago”. The obvious question was “why did no-one tell us?” but today wasn’t the day for that.

The last good backup is from May this year, so there has been a good amount of work lost, as well as all of their email correspondence. The PC itself will need to be cleared of infection, what data is left checked and restored, and the whole thing reinstalled on site.

If you don’t already make at least one backup copy of your data, please, please do. You really don’t know what you have until its gone…

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