Yet more telephone scams…

Long post, but please read and share as widely as possible.

I’ve just had a client in with me in floods of tears. She received a call from “BT” on Friday evening past, told them she was busy, so they arranged to phone back on Saturday morning.

It was the usual “there is suspicious activity on your account” story on the Friday, so she emailed proper BT who told her that there were no problems. When the scammers called back, my client told them that she was very suspicious and¬†that BT had told her that there were no issues with her account or broadband line.

Fake BT then said that the reply was from the residential side of BT, and they were the “high tech division”, and if she cared to call BT again on 150 the notes on the account would confirm this and she would be connected to the “right” people.

The thieves then gained access to her laptop, showed her the usual false errors, and also gained access – partly by having a plausible answer for everything – to her online banking, Amazon and email accounts. The whole process took several hours.

This has resulted in a very serious financial loss, as well as considerable distress and a lot of time in sorting it all out. The PSNI as well as her bank are involved, but as the money was transferred out of her account on Saturday past, and not noticed until yesterday, it is long gone.

The caller in this instance was polite, plausible, spoke fluent, clear English, and had a good answer for every question raised as to why they might be a thief. The lady in question is far from stupid, but now feels that she is as she has been badly scammed and a lot of money stolen.

The money taken is unlikely to be recovered, and the bank are taking the line that as access to the account was freely given, they are not responsible.

As we, the banks and the police have stated repeatedly and will continue to shout from the rooftops, BT, Microsoft, Talk Talk, O2 or anyone else will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER ring you to advise you of a problem with your computer. They have no access to your system unless you let them in, so if anyone ever contacts you regarding fraud, or PC problems, or broadband issues, put the phone down at once, and ring the police on 101 to report the call.

Please share widely and tell anyone who mightn’t see this but who may become a victim of this particularly nasty crime.

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