Fun and games (not) with Windows 10 updates

Windows 10 turns 3 years old next month, and is very much a “Marmite” operating system¬† – you either love it, or hate it.

We’re not terribly keen on it, things which should be readily and easily available like the Control Panel are hidden away, Cortana is an intrusive PITA, and the seemingly constant, unavoidable updates really are a nuisance.

Since the last big bi-annual update (to version 1803) we seem to have done very little than reinstall printers and scanners, fix broken email accounts, and in more than a few cases reinstall Windows from scratch after the update fails over and over and eventually breaks the hard disk file system beyond repair.

This article from Which? magazine explains the Microsoft update strategy, and goes into some detail of what to do if things go wrong, although we’d recommend contacting us rather than Microsoft if things go wrong.

We would certainly agree that Microsoft need to do more to make the upgrade process a lot simpler and not just force updates onto users, and also can’t stress enough the need for a working, tested backup of your data.

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