Windows 10 – the story so far

Microsoft have now released Windows 10, and offer it as a free upgrade to anyone with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

We’ve seen a lot of it, mainly when it doesn’t work, and our opinion of it so far is “don’t bother -yet”.  The installation is supposed to be trouble free, and could well be for many people – after all we only see computers when they aren’t working properly!

Among the problems we have encountered are:

1: Failure to load properly, rendering the computer useless.

2: Software previously installed now not working, although to be fair this is probably down to the software makers, not Microsoft. Anti virus products in particular are very prone to this.

3: Wireless connections not working after installation.

4: Difficulty downgrading to the previous system if Windows 10 is not to your taste.

All of these things take time and a fair bit of work on our part to rectify. It must be stated that this is a new release of a new operating system, and given Microsoft’s very patch record (to be kind!) with new things not being tested properly is probably about right.

If you must be an early adopter and upgrade your system, please make a full backup of everything important to you on the computer first, somewhere other than the hard disk you are going to use for Windows 10. Disconnect the backup medium before you start the upgrade. Also ensure that you have at the all of the licences for your installed software, as well as the installation discs or downloads.

If the whole thing goes badly wrong, and you do not have a data backup and your software to reinstall, it will be difficult or impossible (especially in the case of software) for us to recover it.

We recommend leaving an upgrade to the early part of 2016, and if you aren’t sure what to do, take it to someone who does. Also bear in mind that the free upgrade period ends at the end of July 2016, after which time you will need to purchase a Windows 10 licence if you want to upgrade.

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